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“Supporting the manufacture of satisfactory products by capitalizing
on our strengths of technical prowess and responsiveness”

Sogo Trading’s advantage

Information Support


We not only import and export products, but are also further burnishing our capabilities for providing accurate and ample information with regards to the latest company information, revisions to laws and ordinances, product marketing trends, markets, and more in local regions. This is being done by our Chinese staff at Sogo Trading and our Japanese-speaking Chinese staff at our affiliate company of SPC (ShangHai) Co., Ltd. We work to promptly provide the latest information in a consistent manner, including everything from the stages of providing samples to manufacturer inspections, research and development, price negotiation, guaranteeing high quality, and the importation and exportation of products.

We receive various data and provide reports to our customers via our partner companies, with which we have built up satisfactory relationships of trust through many years of dealings with them in Europe .

  • Contents of Business
  • Sogo Trading’s advantage
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